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  • Pick my 'online marketing' brain

    I'm a huge fan of 20 questions-it's not a real game, it's when someone continuously asks questions regardless if the other person knows the answer or not.

    I want to play this game with you but to make it a fair, lets stick to online marketing questions only. The topic is quite vast which is what I'm after; SEO, link building, off-page, email campaigns, etc. That's potentially alot of great questions waiting to be asked.

    What you need to...

    I'm exposing my online marketing knowledge for you to pick my brain

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  • Bruce Lee & responsive web design

    Learning Responsive Web Design

    I share my thoughts on Clarissa Peterson's Learning Responsive Web Design, filled with elements to consider when designing and I even managed to include Bruce Lee-yeah you read that right, Mr Bruce Lee!

    I'll hold my hands up and say, I will never feel qualified to write a review on someone's work, especially when it's a book. The long tiresome hours it would have taken to complete and for a numpty to come along and give it a...

    Reading 'Learning Responsive Web Design' and a Bruce Lee quote comes to mind

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  • "Keep (sc)Rollin, (sc)Rollin, (sc)Rollin"

    "Users don't like to scroll" is what I hear alot and this couldn't be further from the truth (or troot, as my pops would say). Users don't like to feel lost is what they should be saying because half the time scrolling is inevitable so making the experience that much better is key.

    A Real life example of scrolling

    It's tradition that when the Azzopardi's (referring to my family only) are travelling on the motorway that we get lost, we have to,...

    when a websites content is longer then the viewpoint, you then need to scroll

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  • The Equaliser-Savour of Newsletters

    A newsletter that illustrates football statistics with great infographics accompanied by a 'pub-banter-minus-the-swearing' tone has arrived. You don't have to be a football fan to enjoy this. Being a fan of great design, you'll appreciate the effort that goes into each issue.

    But, where's the website?

    If you don't create content then your online strategy is stuffed but this one, woah soldier, this one, 'The Equaliser' didn't even have a...

    showing my support waving a pretend 'The Equaliser' scarf

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  • get under your hood - GA Style!

    Grant me access to your Google Analytics account or let me set one up. I want to know what your users are doing, find out what they like, what turns them away and then help you for nuff-ink!

    Not got Google Analytics yet?

    If you're a bit web savvy then you can see if your website has this script by looking for 'view source' on your browser's tab but finding it depends on what browser you use and with the world not...

    Peaked at your cars engine? A bit confusing but I can help you to understand it

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  • Working with the right people

    The 3 types of client character traits that I work with on a daily basis, how we still continue to work with each other and the simple rules we work by that keeps us happy.

    Over the years, I've grown an acute antenna for finding out the characters I work well with. I work well with nearly everyone, but you know, sometimes it can be abit testing. As we understand the goals, the possible outcomes and we both have great head...

    Working with a diverse client base

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  • My privacy commitment to you

    You should care about the data you give away, how it's stored, what it's used for and the right you have to it-this is my privacy commitment to you.

    private information I have

    The only information I can collect from you on this website is your email, name, telephone number if you choose to submit it and whatever you put in your message to me.

    Your email is used only to send out my newsletters and will not be passed on regardless. Even...

    I will be your super hero of your private information to protect

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