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  • A change in working direction

    You're about to read what could potentially come across as condescending or a non-religious epiphany. It's potentially a change in my professional working direction, an outlook of what projects I would like to spend my time on if possible.

    On Thursday 4th September 2014 I attended the opening of Community Linx where it's premises resides within the William Booth House area, which I've only ever driven passed and where people point out that's where the homeless stay-and not using those type...

    Maybe there was a temporary band aid covering up my true feelings

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  • Pick my online marketing brain

    I'm a huge fan of 20 questions-it's not a real game, it's when someone continuously asks questions regardless if the other person knows the answer or not.

    I want to play this game with you but to make it a fair, lets stick to online marketing questions only. The topic is quite vast which is what I'm after; SEO, link building, off-page, email campaigns, etc. That's potentially alot of great questions waiting to be asked.

    What you need to...

    I'm exposing my online marketing knowledge for you to pick my brain

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  • Bruce Lee's responsive web design

    Learning Responsive Web Design

    I share my thoughts on Clarissa Peterson's Learning Responsive Web Design, filled with elements to consider when designing and I even managed to include Bruce Lee-yeah you read that right, Mr Bruce Lee!

    I'll hold my hands up and say, I will never feel qualified to write a review on someone's work, especially when it's a book. The long tiresome hours it would have taken to complete and for a numpty to come along and give it a...

    Reading 'Learning Responsive Web Design' and a Bruce Lee quote comes to mind

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