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  • Web Analytics Demystified - Book Review

    Web Analytics Demystified by Eric T Peterson covers a topic that I adore. He explains what analytical data to use to help understand your companies website performance.

    So really, this book is for anyone who owns a website and wants to see where all their time and money has gone.

    Make sense of your websites current situation

    The next time your Boss asks you how the companies website is doing, you can happily show figures they will understand, figures that matter; How much...

    Eric T Peterson's front cover of Web Analytics demystified

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  • Book review - The Web Ranking Manual by Tom Mitsoff

    Although this book is scientifically thinner than a jammy dodger it's surprisingly contains the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of SEO practice.

    Tom dives straight into what keywords to get, how to use them and how to put them on your website to spread the link juice to get you ranked highly, which isn't a bad thing. The book empowers you to seek out the potential of the website before you commit. To find the POWER of the website...

    Notes taken besides the book - The Web Ranking Manual

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  • A change in working direction

    You're about to read what could potentially come across as condescending or a non-religious epiphany. It's potentially a change in my professional working direction, an outlook of what projects I would like to spend my time on if possible.

    On Thursday 4th September 2014 I attended the opening of Community Linx where it's premises resides within the William Booth House area, which I've only ever driven passed and where people point out that's where the homeless stay-and not using those type...

    Maybe there was a temporary band aid covering up my true feelings

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