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Google Semantic Search by David Amerland - A visual review

A4 paper covered with sketches displaying the points made from Google Semantic Search by David Amerland

I felt it was easier and made much more sense to review this book visually, extracting the points that I want to share by way of sketching.

Companies online still aren't being transparent, they're still not embodying what the internet is about. The idea is simple. You create something good and interesting for your users, ensure it contains anything and everything that will help users outside your circle find it. So for Twitter or Instagram, that would be using #hashtags plus choosing the appropriate marketing channel.

I tell you now, if you don't know SEO then you're probably in a better position to read this because it sets a good understanding of what this sharing and connecting is all about.

Google wants to understand what you publish, so it can connect it to right people. The more you help it understand the better your chances of it being found and users benefiting from it, and you too.

p.s Sorry David, I'm milking this alot now.

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