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My privacy commitment to you

I will be your super hero of your private information to protect

You should care about the data you give away, how it's stored, what it's used for and the right you have to it-this is my privacy commitment to you.

private information I have

The only information I can collect from you on this website is your email, name, telephone number if you choose to submit it and whatever you put in your message to me.

Your email is used only to send out my newsletters and will not be passed on regardless. Even if I get an email from a Nigerian priest offering me $45 million dollars to part with it.

How your private information kept?

Your email is stored in my database offline. When you complete a form the information is then inserted into my database. Now, the database is secure as my encryption and my inventive password mechanism.

Easily get your private information deleted

If for some reason you don't like the idea of me retaining your details (name, email, tel) then please email requesting to delete your information. Be aware that from there on you will no longer receive my sexy newsletter that I've worked so hard to produce.

Final thoughts about your privacy

Now I can only keep your details secure up to a point because well, if there where some Russian gangsters that was really after my information then they will be able to get it but otherwise, your details will be for my eyes only.

The internet is a great place but just be aware that any information you do send, does have the possibility of being misused because behind all the passwords and encryption's and other methods of creating a strong password, there are people. People make errors and can be stupid and will sometimes do things you wouldn't expect.


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My privacy commitment to you