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Offer different experiences of your content

ensuring your content is accessible to all users
Rather than Peddling the same content on your social media channels and website, how about we offer your audience a choice of different content experiences?

I'm guilty of doing this too but I'm making it my mission to practice what I preach. The boring method was for me to create an article on my website, publish it on twitter, Google+ and even throw it on linkedin if I can. The thing is I'm assuming that the people across all my social media channels are the same people and they aren't and that's just stupid of me.

My new approach to online marketing

Appreciate how they find me

Take the time to appreciate where the users have come from, their background and provide them with the content they're after. If they contacted me on Google+ then communicate with them that way, I know it can mean more work but come on, we're after meaningful conversations in the first place aren't we.

Go wild and present the same content but in different variations, using available marketing channels to do so.

I've called this type of marketing, drum roll please....3D Content Experience (just imagine it was said in that X-Factor voice for full effect).

What is the 3D content experience?

The 3d Content experience is a method of presenting your proposed article as different variations to support existing consumers media habits.

Use existing social media tools to help publish your content to create a diverse experience.

  • Publish an article

    Can they read it?

    Regardless if a user has vision problem, users should be able to read your content..(i think most articles tick this box-but still check your site with a screen reader too!)

  • Itunes Podcasting

    Can they listen to it?

    Create a podcast/audio of your article, I'm currently on soundcloud looking to making my own podcast. Users digest content differently. Make their bus, train or drive home journey enjoyable.

  • Youtube

    Can they watch it?

    Create a video to spread your content and help those visualise it. Let it be gobbled up by the Youtube searchers

If the content is on the web and the user has internet access then it's their right to view the content. I feel it's up the us to provide the best possible experience, and pushing a single article across all channels isn't very viable.

A profile shot of a person with social media icons pointing to a user sense;eyes, ears and mouth

Tickle their senses via a varied choice of content consumption

Everyone isn't on the same playing field, diverse your thinking and offer your content in variations.

Casting a bigger net

If the content your offering is varied and valued by the user, then providing content this way can be seen as a plus. When people search for you or your key phrase, not only does it throw up text (you know your website 'amp; links) in the search results but also your youtube video. This is already happening, it's enabling you to cast your content strategy net wider.

Each (social marketing) channel exists to offer a different experience.

What to take away

Maybe I've written too much so here is a bitesize takeaway for you. Stop distributing your single article on multiple channels. Look at your content and diversify it, fall in love with it and acknowledge your users are different.


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