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I'm an optimistic London born Hull based chap with an inquisitive mind and 'lets get to work' attitude. When we work together be prepared to have 20 questions machine gun fired at you.

I found a passion in web design before CSS burst onto the scene and somehow, I stuck at it through secondary school, college and at University too. I can't say why I like web design because it's like me trying to tell you why I love my mum, I just do, it's a fact! The more I've grown into this field the more I've been exposed to elements that make a great website; accessibility, information architecture, typography, seo, etc but what I've really embraced is finding out what design actually means!

I've looked into the web design abyss and I realised I love it.

From Web design to SEO Usability

You can easily overlook the intricacies of building a website and if you've been doing it for a long enough auto polite switches on; build the header, nav, content, footer and in mere minutes you're half way there. It wasn't until I got my hands on Non-intentional Design by Uta Brandes, Michael Erlhoff & daab that I realised what I was doing and asked myself am I really designing? After alot of reading, practising, trying to understand exactly what I do from an ethical and business angle, I've come to the conclusion that design is about solving problems. It's about coming up with elegant but subtle solutions that help a clients site reach it's objectives and provide meaning to the user-so they're both happy.

You can't expect a site to succeed when you haven't thought about the goals it should achieve or allowed other people to use it.

Users will do what they want

'How are the people using my site? Are they having any problems? I started to think more about how users went about accomplishing their tasks and how to highlight a websites overall business objections. I'm now designing with empathy for the clients and their users, how are they really interacting with the website. I wanted to find out from the people who actually use it, day in and day out.

Understand the website & understand the users

How can you help a site reach it's goals or measure the success of the objections you set out? This is where I bumped into GA. With some information I can quickly turn around a bad experience or an unusable site into something pleasurable to help those enquiries come through.

Alot of website owners don't embark on the journey of seeing how their website is performing. I'm here to change this.

Why SEO usability

Seeing a website I've built in action and to know I've helped given it a purpose is something I'm extremely passionate about. Building a site and then ensuring it's success is a natural progression of where I want to take my expertise.

I'm the champion in the corner, with my metaphorical boxing gloves. I communicate frequently with those I've built websites for to see how the site is doing and what they might need help on, ready to put my boxing combination in action. What slows most sites down is their budget or lack of motivation. They can't afford to market it properly or their business is performing well without it so there's no real reason to focus attention else where. But I'm a believer of improving your website for FREE. If it's really important to you than you will achieve it, none of this, "I haven't got enough time rubbish".

What else do I do

I love to read. When I was younger I played with matchbox cars, the usual boys toys. I never made time for reading. But as I've gotten older I'm enjoying books a hell of a lot more. I tend read books around my line of work; web design, online marketing, psychology and branding. I like to think I'm still growing, not vertically (I blame my mum's family genes for my shortness) but spiritually but not in a religious way but thinking about my actions trying to become a better person, (not that I'm horrible).

When I'm not reading I like to keep active. I can be stuck at a desk and I feel I just need to run or get a sweat on. I don't compete in ironman competitions but I run and participate in some Crossfit routines and always make sure I can fit in a bit a Olympic Wrestling over at MDMA

I'm a helpful person, someone that is still willing to roll their sleeves up and get dirty.

Now that you've read the latest Bible entry, you can jump straight over to my skills and see if they can help.

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