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HTML Email Development

I hand code all HTML Email Newsletters and bulletins.

Making sure the message is clear can take a while. I spend at least a minimum of a week on designing and don't forget sourcing content is always the forgotten ingredient too which can cause a delay.

I've selected a few designs to show you. No point in showing you all my designs but these are enough to give you an idea. Remember, I don't use a template for aesthetics just the frame work so your design will look different.

Timescale of designing a HTML Email Newsletter

This is always the difficult question because it comes in two parts. I can design it pretty quickly, test design on several email applications Gmail, Outlook & Yahoo but the second part comes in sourcing the content, your message. How quickly we source and gather the content to make your message clear can be the dragging part. I can spend a week or a month, but it will have to be perfect.

A minimum of time I require is a week.

Discuss your design

If your interested in working together to create your company a great newsletter for your users then contact me for a quick discussion over the phone to get your ideas and goals together, or if you have a question about HTML Email Development please ask away.

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