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The designs before where static HTML pages where updating the content was a process of having to contact the web designer. I wanted to take away this procedure and the most obvious step was to use the Wordpress platform.

This was my first time developing on the Wordpress platform, and I used the naked theme. This theme was stripped back bones, having to start from scratch. Using this theme let me learn the intricacy of the built in functions.

What I really wanted to do was to get the staff over at Tweedmill to really understand that their site is a living entity and throughout the build I kept communicating with those in the departments who where in the position to create content and supported them to this. This was the tricky part because not everyone shared the same passion, not everyone felt the need to do it. Even though Tweedmill knew that having a positive online presence was important and the process was the create content, not everyone came forward. This is not their fault.

During this build the internal staff, the person i was working alongside had changed and this effected the completion date. Till this day I am helping and supporting the new team.

Behind the scenes

The Health Circle

Communicating via email and telephone with the London based clients and again using wordpress as a platform, this had to be one of the smoothest project I worked on.

The logo had already been designed so the colour scheme was kept quite simple. The one thing I wanted to improve was my typography, I've always looked at other sites loved how typography made a site striking. With the variety of type available I went the opposite direction with a plain and simple font stack.

Another good thing aswell was that I worked with high quality photography images and they where lovely, really captured the practitioners and their therapy.

Behind the scenes

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